I’m so proud to announce the launch of “Empowered Women of Social Media: Finding Global Unity in Social Communites” on March 8th, as part of the International Women’s Day celebration that occurs across the globe! 



The anthology is composed of twenty-nine different chapters, all written by different authors as a way to promote and inspire women’s empowerment around the world.  The stories in the book are as diverse as all the amazing women who wrote them, with each having her own experience of global connections made possible by social media. 


I am so excited to be one of the contributing authors to this powerful collection and have loved experiencing the process of writing.  I set the intention in 2014 to become a Best Selling Author and this year my dreams are coming true!  I am thankful to be able to share this wonderful moment with all of you.  Remember that you too can participate in the cause by wearing purple and grabbing your Amazon Kindle copy for only $0.99 on March 8th!  You don’t have to own a Kindle reader in order to read the book.  The app is available for download via any iPhone, iPad, iMac, PC, or Android phone or tablet. 


You are welcome to share this article and picture if you’d like and I encourage you to check back for more updates after the launch.

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