Erica Antonetti, C.Ht., is a Certified Hypnotherapist who discovered her passion for helping people vastly improve their lives through Clinical Hypnosis, Cognitive Behavioral Coaching, and Guided Imagery. This purpose was sparked after her military service, where she ventured on a journey to heal her own grief experiences and Post-Traumatic Stress through the somatic experiences that assist in  mind-body connection.

She earned her diploma in Clinical Hypnosis, and holds the Master Certification (Level 7) as a Therapeutic Guided Imagery Facilitator from the American Hypnosis Association. She is the founder of Premier Hypnotherapy of Sacramento where she currently operates a private practice in Gold River, CA. 

Erica graduated with Honors (for exceptional professional achievement during clinical residency) from the prestigious Hypnosis Motivation Institute; the first accredited College of Hypnotherapy in the United States. She holds professional memberships with the American Hypnosis Association, Hypnotherapists Union Local 472, and is a member of the exclusive HMI-Founder’s Club.  

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According to a study published by The Psychotherapy Journal (of  the American Psychological Association) comparing the effectiveness of psychoanalysis, behavior therapy, and hypnotherapy. Here’s what they found:

  • Psychoanalysis presented a 38% recovery rate for those who underwent 600 sessions
  • Cognitive Behavioral therapy worked for 72% after 22 sessions
  • With Hypnosis, 93% recovered after only 6 sessions
600 sessions 38%
Behavior Therapy
22 sessions 72%
6 sessions 93%

( Barrios, A. (1970) Hypnotherapy, A Reappraisal. Psychotherapy: Theory, Research and Practice, Spring Issue)


*It is important to remember these numbers were taken from an average of over 2,000 cases and should not be taken as absolute or interpreted that ANY condition can be helped in as little as 6 Hypnotherapy sessions. Some conditions can be greatly improved in that amount of time and some will require more.

"When I got the news that I'd need surgery to repair a very badly fractured finger, I didn't take it well! I was already uncomfortable because of the injury, but more than anything, I was afraid of the surgery, the anesthesia, and how I'd manage after the surgical intervention. Thankfully, I was able to get a Hypnotherapy appointment with Erica a few days before. Let me share how much it helped!

Erica is extremely professional and organized. Her way of delivering the hypnosis and then the follow up she provided was game changing. Through the power of the suggestions she gave me, when the pain started rearing up, I could use what she did in our session and truthfully, I was SHOCKED at how I was able to manage the pain and discomfort. I think so much of the dance with pain/injury is getting the mind right. I managed this better than I ever could have imagined because I had great tools. I highly recommend Erica if you're looking for Hypnotherapy services.
Therese Skelly
Business Coach/Mentor